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SOUND PASSION -A journey I never thought of

SOUND PASSION  -A journey I never thought of


A journey I never thought of


You know I sound passion

When you hear my beats

Because on those beats

Is where my passion feeds


And the beats are high

And the beats are low

But so is life, bruuuhhhh

                 This is how my intro in finale went with the winner of mix us happy 2018/19  Bishal Rai beat boxing to it. It was weird, overwhelming, exciting, scary, happening and so many things at the same time. Standing on the Stage, with DDJ-400 in front of me connected with speaker with great base and a Pioneer DJ headset X5 wrapped around my neck, it almost felt like a dream. Just as I said “DJ Anna in the house baby” and turned on my song, I knew from the bottom of my heart this is not just an experience, it’s the ecstasy I wanted to get again and again.

                Turning back to the page where it all started just like a back spin with a scratch on a Jog wheel on the controller, I had no idea what I was signing up for. If you ask the kiran from 2 months ago, what DJing is, she will answer “It’s something really cool”. I had a really narrow vision to all of it. But reasonably narrow. I remember the day freshly when I filled the form. Boodles trading had placed a form booth in Labim mall with a banner saying “MiX Us Happy – The Best DJ Experience”. Would it be weird to say that I constantly had a feeling to go and fill the form and I was constantly lying my eye on the mix us happy banner as I walked passed the booth 3 or 4 times. I hope it’s not. I still like to call that my Fate call

     Turning pages a little bit faster to the day we started the class after orientation, we had DJ AN as our mentor. Still unsure what it’s all about; I started to learn about a lot of things that had a lot of Technical terms. I HATE TECHNICAL TERMS. But this also changed. Slowly starting from the full form of DJ to the mixing thing, base , vocal, hot cue, sampler, beat loop, beat jump, scratch, genres of songs, it’s key, Bpm songs selection, beat drop, build, chores, intro , outro and everything. It felt like a different universe. For me, it was a big jump. And at some point I started to say, “oh this 4 beat”, “this is phase” and “this is drop” mentally every time I would hear a song. It was hella weird. *sighs in beat drop*


However, from joining to continuing Mix Us happy was not an easy choice. I was offered a writing class at the same time Mix us Happy class started and the choice of class was mutually exclusive. And I have a great love for writing. It was hard to give up that class. And during the final days of Mix Us Happy, I had my pre-boards and boards going parallel with the finale dates. It was tough. I had to pull all night every time before exam and had to make sure I practice despite feeling sick. I lacked a lot up until my final dates. It was a hard choice, but I am glad I chose to stand till Finale. My ultimate reason to continue was a hope that at least one more girl will be inspired and start DJing. But honestly, I guess it is me who really got inspired from my own action.

Honestly, DJing might not go as my career but that 20 mins on stage, those eyes looking up to me, those ears ready to hear the beat, those bodies ready to move - that whole moment at the Turtle Club gave me feels. My mom looking at me proudly, my Dj brothers cheering for me, my boodles family looking at me with a faith as I moved my fetter on the DDJ 400, and the beats blast from the speaker, I will always remember the feels I had as I brought the X5 headset up to my ears, I was hit by an epiphany that this control over music and beats is my another euphoria. And I know one thing for sure is, my heart won’t stay still till I consume this ecstasy again and again and again and again till even I don’t when


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