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Silence - Sagarika Bhandari

Silence - Sagarika Bhandari




Silence refers to absence of sound or averting of speach by a person. Silence is important in every people’s life because it helps to discover many things.  Silence helps people to strengthen their will power. As we all know “silence speaks louder than voice”, it means that people who are silent can do more than the people whose voice is louder and with outmeaning or knowledge.

The maximum number of people in this world loves silence as it is something which lets people to think in freedom. We all need silence in our life to survive. In this world full of noise and distractions, silence can help to free a human’s brain and soul. In another hand we can see that many people do not love silence and it bothers them. We can see that people who are quite and who love silence are pointed out to be anti-social, without knowing their comfort zone; many people love silence and want to enjoy in their own silence but it can bother the society. 

In every human’s life silence is important as it helps to freshen up their mind and soul when they stay away from noise in their own world. We are so busy in our work that we forget to provide silence to our mind but it is important to live in a silence once in a while to freshen up ourselves. 


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