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Love - Sagarika Bhandari

Love - Sagarika Bhandari

The feeling that you feel inside your soul which brings different chaos is when you feel the love. Have you ever felt the feeling of loving someone through your heart and soul and suddenly making someone the most important part of your life?

The journey of love is never understood by anyone. Falling in love is a different and beautiful feeling. It’s in a human nature that falling in love make them happy and special. Love is the feeling which has broken many people and which has made many people the happiest one in this world. Love can lead someone to the way where the one begin to think about the other person forgetting about own wishes and desires. Love is not only about expressing through words but it’s the thing which can be seen through a person’s nature and behavior.

Love makes you feel that you can do anything and it makes you inspired. Being in love makes you motivated and give courage to do anything and think in a positive way. Love gives you hope that there is someone out there for you who can support and love you for who you are. Love is a beautiful feeling.


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