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5 best local momos in the valley

5 best local momos in the valley


#1 Shandar momo, Shankhamul 

Shandar momo is loacated in shankhamul, kathmandu. This flavourfull momo has a perfect blend of flavors and 'Achar' that compliments its taste creating a comlete momo experience.





#2 Narayan dai ko momo, Gausala 

The famous momo that was also featured on the hunger hunt is located on Pashupati road, kathmandu 

The momos here are big and flavourful making it a favourite in the city.





#3 Everest momo, Naxal 


One of the oldest momo in the town, the everet momo is loacated in naxal, kathmandu. The signature taste of spices in the mince and achar has been the local favorite since a long time. 





#4 Mahabharat momo, Patandhoka 

The Mahabharat momo is located near Patandhoka. The momos are fluffuy and the unlimited achar goes perfectly with them. Thus, Making it a favourite place.





#5 Lahan, Kirtipur 

lahan is situated in the hills of kirtipur. The place might mot be momo specific place but they offer a fluffy and flavorful momo that is famous all around. They also serve other newari dishes that are world famous. 



Send in your favourite momos in the comments section below 







dilip chand writes

Lhasso restaurant s´ momo purano baneshwor chowk... delicious momo jamal

Sugat Shrestha writes

Open Momos of Gangri Sumai Restaurant and Bota



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