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Top 5 most powerful marvel villains

Top 5 most powerful marvel villains


#1 Thanos 

Thanos is a master strategist and equipped with advanced knowledge in technology and some mystical knowledge unknown to this world. He possesses superhuman strength, endurance in battle as his skin is nearly indestructible. He can survive heat, extreme cold, electric surges, toxins, aging and even disease. Perhaps the main reason for Thanos getting the number one spot is that he has a curse that made him immortal hence he cannot die. He is also a master of telepathy and telekinesis. His mind and hands can project a sonic blast of energy, causing major harm to his enemies.





#2 Galactus 

Galactus is a marvel villain who devours planets. Galactus appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He has vast knowledge and possesses unlimited cosmic power. He can teleport himself and other objects. This makes it very hard to defeat him in hand combat. He has been defeated many times, but he always gets restored to full power.





#3 Doctor Doom 

Dr. Doom’s source of power is very disturbing as he sacrificed his wife to demons in exchange for power. The demons ripped her apart and made him a special armor out of her skin. Dr. Doom is always prepared for anything; he even has a time machine that he uses to mess up the past. Doom’s unique ability is that he can exchange minds with others. By teaching himself mystical arts, he can invoke the mystical entities for help.





#4 Loki

Loki has a reputation of being a trouble maker, but that’s just his nature as he is the God of lies and mischief. He never takes part in the actual fights or outcomes of his deceptions but prefers to watch from the sidelines. He is among the most powerful sorcerers in marvel world. His sorcery enables him to have many abilities like hypnosis, telepathy, teleportation and even shapeshifting. Loki can reattach his severed limbs in battle, including his own head.





#5 Magneto 

He is a super villain that has the potential to be good, but he always succumbs to his inner rage going a step too far. He can destroy even the most powerful superhero with his ability to control ferrous and non-ferrous elements. His main mission is for the mutants to rule the human race as the mutants are superior. He also has the ability to turn invisible and rearrange matter making him X-men’s biggest villain. He is able to resist most telepathic attacks because of the latent telepathic power of his own, which is enhanced by the advanced technology wired in his helmet.





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