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Fantasy and Nature by Regan Bhandari

Fantasy and Nature by Regan Bhandari


A boy walking fearlessly towards the high tides and waves.







Do you ever feel like having wings and fly wherever and whenever you wanted to?







Deer standing on the middle of the highway peacefully.







Run,run.The dimensions are just an illusion.







Lanterns add a whole new vibe to the image.A dreamland I wish it existed in real life.






Karate?Kungfu?You guess.Silhouettes are always fun to look at.







This piece is inspired from the movie “Interstellar”.







Moody village with boy flying his lanterns for peace and prosperity.






Be brave just like her.Be furious,fearless and always be ready to fight the storm.







Wandering around in the beach with her teddy.







Stranger things inspired edit with red and blue tones.







A girl holding the moon in the middle of “NOWHERE”.










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