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Her alluring and hypnotic sweet smile was what she used to wear at all times even after being the wife of a mob boss. The boss was the exact opposite of his wife. He was a violent guy with an angry face at all times. All of his men were scared to even speak to him as his temper was that of a lit fused bomb, could go off at any time. The only person who could calm him down was his wife and she would accompany him at all of his mob meetings. The mob held their daily meetings at the pub and I worked there as a bartender. Almost every day, thick smoke from all the cigarettes used to cover the air but I remember very distinctly that as soon as the wife entered the room the smoke used to disappear. I found that very weird but did not put much attention to it.

The mob used to smoke and drink and ever so often the boss used to quarrel with his wife but she always managed to calm him down with her smile. Days went by and everything was as is, the smoking, the drinking and the quarreling, nothing out of the ordinary.

It was a rainy Friday night; my shift was about to end. The mob was still there drinking. All of a sudden, the boss starting shouting at his wife. It went for quite long this time and I could sense something was not right. They went outside and I followed them. I was hiding behind a wall trying to look at what was going on. I could not hear what they were talking about but the boss looked very angry .The wife was smiling and trying to calm him down. All of a sudden, the boss took out a knife and slashed her neck, drenched her in the whiskey he was drinking, took out lighter and burned her and looked my way. I hid back leaning against the wall. I was frozen with terror as I was about to be next because I saw everything. I was the witness. My heart had dropped as I was about to be knifed or shot at next. I stood there motionless but what followed was not the boss but the flaming body, covered in blood, tilted neck, it was the wife and she was still smiling…..


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